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Edgy Elegance: Incorporating Opal into Your Bridal Look

As one of the freshest bridal trends of 2016, Opal accents adorning bridal gowns and bridal accessories can take a classic, traditional bridal look into the 21st century. With just enough color to add a modern edge to a gown, Opals can seem like a risky style choice for many brides looking for a modern, yet romantic, bridal look. Really, the question of whether to incorporate Opals into your wedding day aesthetic depends on how you plan to incorporate them. Here are a few quick styling tips for throwing in a splash of Opal with your dream dress.

Know your Opals

Think about what hue you would like to wear for your Opal accent. With opals ranging from soft pink Rose Water Opal, Chrysolite Opal that emits a light green color, and the blue-toned Pacific Opal, the choices are many. Look for an accessory piece or a gown with soft tones that don’t overpower the look.

Take advantage of your hair accessories

Nowadays, brides have so much freedom with their hair styles and accessories, with the use of long and multi-tiered veils taking a backseat to jeweled headbands, flower crowns, and hair combs. There are plenty of hairpieces out there that will incorporate Opals into the piece itself, adding a flash of color to your gown without overpowering the look; for instance, our Swarovski crystal Sanibel headpiece pictured below in White Opal and champagne tones.

Pictured: Sanibel headpiece in White Opal.

Customize your gown with appliques

Where better to add Opal than to your dress? A jeweled applique is a perfect option for adding just a dash of Opal to your dress. While some designers have recently been designing looks with Opal appliques included, you can also add a custom applique to a dress that might need a little extra embellishment.

Pictured: Lynnwood belt in White Opal.

When in doubt, add a belt!

Of course, a classic option for customizing your bridal look and incorporating color is wearing a bridal belt. Not only do belts completely transform a dress, they can also be completely customized, so you don’t have to compromise on your vision. Why is customization important? You can decide where and how to use Opal, how many Opals, and what type of Opal you want in your belt!

Pictured: Quincy belt in White Opal. Martina Liana Separates, from K&B Bridals
20160330_184603 (2)
Pictured (top to bottom): Lynnwood belt in White Opal; Sedona belt in Chrysolite Opal.
Pictured: Madison belt in White Opal.

Trust your bridal stylist and accessory designer to know what method for adding Opal works best with your gown and overall vision. Give us a call at 410.879.9925 or schedule an accessory appointment to ask us about what pieces will work for you!


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